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November 12 2014

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Prenatal Vitamins Are Compulsory for a Healthy Pregnancy

Planning to add a new member to your family it’s a very important step and it’s essential to prepare correctly for his arrival. Taking care of the child starts way before he is even born so if you want to give birth to a baby soon, it’s compulsory to take prenatal vitamins to have a healthy pregnancy.

During the pregnancy, your body will completely change both on the outside but especially on the inside. So it will need much more nutrients than usual in order to support those changes and to feed the fetus. Eating healthy or eating for two is not enough to ensure all the essential vitamins and minerals. Calcium, folic acid (vitamin B9), vitamin E, zinc, iodine and iron are the most important ones that you need to have.

There are certain situations when administering prenatal vitamins is crucial such as for vegan mothers, lactose-intolerant ones, mothers who smoke, have blood disorders or chronic illnesses. If you’re having twins, you have an extra reason to get prenatal vitamins. Think about the fact that you’re basically creating a new human being.

Iron is particularly important to reduce the risk of low weight at birth and preterm delivery. The baby will need enough calcium to have a strong bone structure, vitamin D to fix it and all the other vitamins to contribute to a healthy physical development. They will prevent any birth defects that will affect his whole existence.

It’s recommended to take prenatal vitamins a few months before conceiving. It only takes a second to get a prenatal vitamin and you’ll have the certainty that your body is stocking up resources that will be highly needed when you’ll conceive. If you currently suffer from anemia, ask your doctor for advice.

Prenatal vitamins will also reduce morning sickness and nausea so they’ll give you a less unpleasant time in the first three months which are terrible for some women. Pills that have many vitamins and minerals might be bigger and it might seem challenging to swallow them. But they always have slick coatings and you won’t encounter any difficulties. They’ll be gone before you know it.

It’s quite impossible to get all the nutrients you need to have a healthy pregnancy just from food. And, in the end, why should you take chances when it comes to your extremely fragile baby? A prenatal vitamin is the best way to know for sure that you have a healthy body that is ready to sustain a pregnancy and to feed the fetus with all the nutrients it needs to grow properly.

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